May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - AnnanFay is the winner!


The game links can be found in the first post of this thread. @HULK is doing a good job of keeping it up to date.


Ah, my bad. I hadn’t checked the 1st post…


I’ve updated the first post to show @nick.muzzio has won against @TheLastHero
Yea, NP is brutal if you make a mistake in the opening moves.

He’ll play the winner of my game (dead-even right now) and while we’re moving along, I’m going out of town this weekend, so I don’t think we’ll be able to accelerate much for the next week.

How go the other quarterfinal games?


Murasaki and I are at tick 56. I have a slight lead in industry and ships. There are some very high quality planets on the both edges of the galaxy that we are battling for. It’s early and so the game could switch around easily either way.


I’m pretty sure I play slower when the deadline is 24 hours.

For instance I’ve completed my turn several hours ago but I’ve not committed it because if I commit my turn the deadline tomorrow will be earlier and I don’t want to risk having an earlier turn tomorrow. If it was 48 hours there would be no risk and I would commit as soon as I was finished.


FYI in case others are confused: Our game has a time-to-submit of 24 hours (I goofed on the setup) … so this is a legit concern by @AnnanFay and sorry I can’t change it after the fact. Having said that, because I’m in the game, I can pause it … so just holler if for ANY reason you want me to do this.

It’s quite an EPIC battle going on - I’ve made some VERY lucky guesses and squeezed ahead in ship count, but am wayyy behind in Economy plus he had Terra3 versus my Terra2.

We are into full-on carnage-fest … I just captured a nice star of his, but he’ll promptly retake. There are ships massed across the entire lengthy border. So definitely want this to play-out with both sides being able to make their “best moves” rather than having a situation where one player runs out of time to submit.

Whoever wins our game, @nick.muzzio is going to have his hands full in the semi-final.


I am sure I will @HULK! Lots of great players in this tourney so far!


SuperDaves taken the lead and work has me too busy to promise timely submissions.
He’ll be moving to round 3


I’ve updated post #1 to show @SuperDave as the winner of his match and advancing to the semi-finals.

@AnnanFay requested a game pause for the weekend - thought we would resume on Monday, but guessing that RL has been busy as I haven’t heard anything yet.


@HULK Sorry about the wait. I’m working on the turn right now.


@Grunter and I just exchanging blows. Nothing notable has transpired just yet but, I get the sinking feeling he’s trying to lull me to sleep and then POUNCE ON MUH FACE like the Jackalope I know he is deep on the inside…


Jackalope? Ain’t nobody here by that name. :wink:


@AnnanFay and I are having daily duke-outs … very interesting & close game as I got totally hosed by the Experimentation Gods (see below) but made some incredibly lucky guesses so currently have a slight advantage in stars & ships … but wayyyyy behind in Economy and Industry.

Here’s an image (click to see big) of the first 4 Exp hits I got - crossposted from this thread.
In a nutshell, I spent a bunch of effort finishing (expensive) Exp2 just before Cycle3 ended … and got a Weapons hit (no help) for Cycle3 … and then got ANOTHER weapons hit for Cyle4. Glad to say I didn’t hit the trifecta and finally (!) got something else for Cycle5.

Per that thread, Jay has fixed things so this won’t happen again. Which I think is the “right” thing especially for 1v1 games since you can’t trade for tech, and have to develop all your own. @nick.muzzio was right! :wink:


HAHAHA! It’s still not as bad in the 3vs3 game we played and all 3 my accounts hit weapons!


Yea @nick.muzzio , that was a pretty brutal trifecta.
But wasn’t that later in the game where Exp wasn’t as important?
I kinda “wanted” to get a third Weapons hit just to even more make your day! :wink:

FYI to all that per the “Exp Locked” thread, Jay has rolled BACK the change so we can finish the current games. I’ll ask him to re-roll it back into production before we start the semi-finals. Speaking of which, it looks like @Grunter is pulling ahead in his game.

@AnnanFay and I are having quite the wild battle. This is completely different that the “Trench Warfare” game that @SuperDave and @Karmadrome had as there are ships attacking all over the place … and both sides have made inroads into the other’s territory. Again, my lead is stars/ships is balanced out by his big lead in Econ/Indy … and he just launched a 81-ship strike out of the blue.


Yeah, I am toast.

@Grunter submitted a couple of turns that broke my back, now with the momentum at his back - this game will be over shortly. He’s warped in DA TROOPS to steal ma HOUSEBOAT MACHINE…GL HF everyone that’s left! HOLLA AT ME NEXT TIME :wink:

We should 2v2 Tourney soon <3


It was a difficult victory but I managed to pull it out. Great game Houseboat!


Thanks for the update @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS and @Grunter
I have updated the first post to show the results.

I want to HOLD on the semi-final matches until @AnnanFay and I are done (just started Cycle 7 - close game that could go either way) since I think we all agree (especially @nick.muzzio ! :wink: that we want Jay to roll the code changes so Experimentation doesn’t hit locked tech.

BTW, any suggestions on the overall game design and parameters?
I did make a note to try to insure the layout is more spread out so that you don’t end up with trench warfare.

Be fun to do another tournament.


EXP hits on weaps allow me to have something to pray for when I’m in deep crap. Are you sure we want to get rid of them? Then I’d have to win on my own merit and that’s a daunting thought.


We could completely disable experimentation. As of the latest update we can now disable Experimentation and Banking without the game crashing.