May/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps


Thanks for the update and first post updated to reflect the results - that’s a LOT of turns!

So it will be @Karmadrome and @SonOfBlob in semi-final #2.
If you guys are ready to rumble, I’ll create a game (with expensive Manu this time!) and you can get started.

For semi-final #1, the game leading into it are:
@BelSon has opened up a big lead over @Jetset: 82-46 at tick #132
In my game against @TheLastHero, I’m leading 77-45 at Tick #96


Nifty how @SonOfBlob used warp gates to circle around in his game and bypass his core.
A few more turns and you would have reached the other end of the galaxy! :wink:


Give me a day to recover then I’ll be up for it.
Cheers, SonOfBlob


I’m ready whenever


Ready now


@Karmadrome and @SonOfBlob - I ended up generating over a dozen maps but many had big holes in the middle. Here’s are two that were the best … although could ideally be more dense … but sometimes those are more fun. Please take a look at let me know if you think they would play well for you and mutually agree on one - password is the same.

Also be sure to double-check the params as easy for me to make a mistake - Manu is expensive.


Thanks @HULK.
I prefer


I had a preference for the other one :slightly_smiling_face:, but no worries I’ll join


Ready when you are @SonOfBlob


Have fun @SonOfBlob and @Karmadrome - I’ve updated the first post for that game.

@BelSon vs. @Jetset is 84-46 at tick #150
@HULK vs @TheLastHero is 84-39 at tick #120
When those games finish, the winners will play for the other semi-final game.


Sorry for the slow moves, it’s been a crazy weekend. My game with @HULK is wrapped up and he smashed me, as expected lol. Thanks for the chance to sub in, hopefully, I make it further next time!


@SonOfBlob has just conceded, so our semi-final has ended.

I managed to get a healthy lead early on in territory and indy/ships, but with @SonOfBlob taking the advantage in tech. I was gradually gaining more territory before @SonOfBlob conceded (@SonOfBlob has some RL stuff going on, so perfectly understandable that it isn’t quite the right time for a hard slog), but it would’ve been interesting to see if the tech advantage had made a difference in enough time.

Nevertheless good game.

I’m looking forward to see who makes it through to the final :sunglasses:


@Hulk and I have just started our semi-final game and we are about a cycle in… and I’ve forgotten to purchase economy. Big oops here! But aside from that, @Hulk has hyperspace 2 to my terraforming 2, and I am ever so slightly ahead in industry and science with an even star count. We’ll see if my lack of opening economy hurts me…


I have updated the first post to reflect the results (hope your crazy weekend @TheLastHero was crazy fun in RL!) and congrats @Karmadrome for making it to the Finals.

I have asked @BelSon if he’d like a do-over in our game since he forgot to buy Economy on the first cycle … although since I only bought 11 ($110) and you start with $2,000, it’s not that much of a difference … plus he now has Terra2, so the cost is less.

The map is pretty interesting with a clearly defined border, so I’d be curious how it plays out, but if he feels the economy boo-boo is too much to recover from, we’ll try another.


I don’t think it’s too much of a problem. As @Hulk has remarked, $110 isn’t much…

We’ll see how this one goes. The terraforming may just give me an edge over @Hulk that keeps me in front, even with the slight lack of economy. To the death!


Cool … either HULK SMASH … or HULK gets SMASHED! :wink:


Or a slow war of attrition, which I personally don’t fancy. So yeah, HULK gets SMASHED!


@BelSon and I did NOT have a slow game of attrition!

He came out swinging hard and made several very early incursions into my side of the map … but I was able to do some fancy footwork and make a couple of defensive moves that arrived just in time … so was finally able to chase him out of my sector and subsequently put some HULK SMASH on him! :wink:

@Karmadrome and I have started the final deathmatch

First post updated.


@Karmadrome and I are having a delightful battle - we are currently at tick #102.
I have a swing of 4 stars on him … but that’s because in a moment of WTF, I built some warp gates - unfortunately, @Karmadrome just got enough Scan to see it and commented how it is a nice shiny target! :wink:

Because of that expenditure, I’m behind him in Economy, Industry, Science, and Ships. But HEY, I lead in Carriers … as I’m having to do some fancy footwork! :wink:

So it’s cool that two different approaches can be used. We actually did a similar split approach in a previous game and @Karmadrome ended up SMASHING the HULK … so I’m hoping for a different result here.