Merchandising (would you wear a Triton TShirt)?

I was recently thinking about the merchandising around other computer games (Minecraft, Portal etc etc).
Would you buy/wear a Triton tshirt?
Should we be coming up with an ‘official’ design and using Cafe Press or a similar site?


Something like
"Don’t trust me, I play neptunes pride"
"Keep calm and backstab on"
"If you can scan this, you have violated my personal space"
"Yes, they are natural 50s!"


Sure thing. I like @lichuckles suggestions already with a cool design it would be great :slight_smile:

Nice suggestions, lichuckles :slight_smile:

Or (@ back side)
"Insert knife here"
"Stop scanning me"
"Wanna trade? "

Trust nobody
Your enemies enemy is your friend
Keep your enemies close and your friends even closer

I would wear a Neptune’s Pride T shirt. I would even wear the ‘Yes they are natural 50’s’ although it would be a lie…

Is there an official NP logo? The image of a star with a fleet at it is quite nice and simple.

I was thinking the “Neptunes Pride 2 - Triton” text from

A game screen shot, possibly showing a starburst.

and a tag lines.

What sort of numbers do you need to order? Does it have to be a set amount of each size? Would they do girly fit?

Sorry lots of questions but I think its an awesome idea :slight_smile:

@LDG, the good thing with a site like CafePress &
is that they will print single tshirts from your design, no minimum orders
and yes they do ladies tshirts, hoodies, mugs, undies, pj’s and more

Need a better image, but thinking of something like this

If you’re going to go for a style like that, I think you’re best off having a massive design, and then wrapping it around the top. I know the whole ‘galaxy print’ is coming into fashion (CR7s, i.e), so making a gaming relation to this might be satisfactory to some.

I personally don’t wear game/band tshirts unless I have a real love for them. Only two artists have that spot so far.

What about a full sized starfield across the entire body with tiny captions all over it. Like

“Totally backstabbing later.”


“Rightfully mine.”

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I already gave away my renown in the current game I’m playing with you LDG, but if I had any left, I’d give 'ya a point for hilarious commentary … :wink:

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Instead of a rectangle can you put it in the shape of an Ipad? :slight_smile:

@LDG are you refering to the image?
do you want to have a picture of the game on an ipad on the tshirt?

Yeah although in hindsight that might be a bit shit.

I guess it also depends how they are printed… I have loads of printed T-shirts and the worst ones to wear are the ones with a massive block of graphics that is basically a plastic / laytex type print, which I would imagine design your own ones would be… So either keep it minimalist or go for a proper screen print. I would be prepared to pay decent money for a decent T. And of course you have to cater for sizes from xxs to xxxxl!

Neptune’s Pride Device Protactor/Stickers!

I would love to have an iPad Mini dedicated only to Neptune’s Pride and decorated to fit.

For the Star Burst thing, have the front showing all the ships heading to one star, and the back showing all the ships leaving in a massive counter attack. That’ll rock.

Moar Captions!

NP not FB

It’s not war if we weren’t allied

I wanted it first

If you get this reference
I’ll give you one renown

This is now my personal space

Best one yet

There’s no turning back