Merchandising (would you wear a Triton TShirt)?

Should I do an official one and make it for sale on the site?

I think a really simple logo like this.

What star name, colour, shape should we use. Perhaps I could do 6 variants, one for each colour.

The star name could be a suggestion from above.

My humble suggestion is simply “Trust No One”

I was thinking we need something official and was thinking about it being available somewhere like CafePress as they can then do local postage.

The single star, in different shapes and colours may work as the design.

I want a purple one! :smiley:

I think you should have a design competition… I know we have some budding artists and creatives among the players I think they might come up with very cool and more subtle stuff… no offence intended!


I’d like one with the different alien faces, perhaps with some of them crossed out like the original days of future past cover?

“Another one bites the dust.”

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I like the idea of a design competition, @JayKyburz what do you think?

I comp for the tag line would be cool but I think I would like to use some of the great art Alex Ries painted for the game. I think he did a great job.

What about these. One on the front and one on the back?

Or perhaps just this classic.

I am using this as the icon for the iOS and Android version.

I also just like this one.


They are all really good images. I like the last one best I think.

The hands/tentacles/whatever front&back: Awesome!

My vote goes to the first pair of images.

Yup, first pair of images for sure. Perhaps with the Triton logo somewhere on there as well?

And I’d be keen for this to be done through “official” channels so any profits can go to Jay to help develop more of the game!

Death or Glory!

Another vote for the front/back hand/tentacles, with “Trust No One” on the back, and probably the NP Triton logo on the front. Classy.


I know some people are strongly against the bumping of old threads but I had a dream last night I was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan ‘Real Women Play NP2’ and it reminded me of it.

I wasn’t event playing NP2 in the dream, I was walking around the town centre but lets not digress onto the strangeness of my mind :slight_smile:

I think we got to the conclusion of using some of the official artwork and having a comp for the tag line @JayKyburz

Lets have that comp then :slight_smile:

Oh ‘real women play NP2’ is not my entry btw!

Hah, that’s pretty funny. I’ve certainly had NP dreams, but I’ve not reached the level of having NP forum dreams yet!

Maybe the slogan should read “Real Players Stab” under the NP2 logo with the hand/tentacle knife pics =)