Merging works great! Can I split them back into two groups?

I had a million Elven Archers. I combined them all cause it was easier to click once to burn my 80 or so mana to fire my arrows. After that round of battles, I wanted to split my archers into two groups and march them in different directions. But I couldn’t figure out how to split the group once I merged them into a single ‘card’. (I guess that’s the terminology.)

How do I split? (after a merge)

Many Thanks! Love this game!

I was thinking that you would not be able to, because I don’t want it to be too easy to just send units everywhere.

I think we do need to have it because I think players will expect it to be there, but I think it might need to cost 50 Gold to do it. (And Perhaps I can pay you 50 Gold for every unit you merge too!)

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I think with the way a merge can let you “regain” an ability (i.e. merge an archer that hasn’t shot with an archer that has and then shooting effectively fires both archers again), you should not pay out 50 gold for merging. Generally in things, it costs money to do something, and it costs money to undo it too. There is also the advantage of merging to make an army stronger relative to another to increase zombie casualties (like merging a bunch of weakened archers into one normal sized group to fire your arrows; making your relative strength stronger thereby increasing the percentage of the zombies to die overall). If you break even on gold merging them for the fight then unmerging them right after, it becomes a little exploitable.

If you can unmerge though, how do you handled experience strength bonuses if you took a +1 and +2 army and merged them together into one larger +2 army and are now splitting it?

Good points Dex!

Hey, while we are talking about it, I have been thinking about making “heroes” un-mergeable. You would only be able to merge units that start as a small group.

For a lot of heroes it doesn’t make sense for you to do it, and for others it makes describing their power more cluny than it needs to be because you have to say, “for every wizard” for example.

Any thoughts?

Hmm. I like merging my Witches and Artillery to increase their strength and get more out of each use of a mage on them, for example. It would make sense for those whose abilities don’t scale like that, but doing it for all hero cards would remove that bonus. That “restore all artillery with one restoration cast” thing is keeping me alive in a map where we have lost all mana pools now and I am constantly converting valour to mana (so I need to be economical with my mana; the same reason I won’t fire my archers; their strength to mana use ratio is a fair amount lower than the artillery (but made up for with movement and melee fighting strength)). I would work with it if you changed it, but I’m biased on this one so I can’t tell you if it makes things better or not; I simply am attached to it.

I’m definitely of the opinion that unmerging should exist (hence the revive). Unmerging should require that you have the minimum starting value (25 for archers, 50 for human swordsman, etc) in BOTH units. Every play Lords of the Realm 2? That’s how it works. You cannot create an army in LotR 2 without at least 50 men, so you cannot split an army unless you have at least 100 men.

Also, the ability to merge units and then fire off their new ability is so very very abuse able. I understand how it makes the code easier to write and for the server to manage, but I have used it to widdle down stacks of 4k+ strength with 2k strength units until they were dead. (I stacked elven archers 1 at a time into a 150 stack, firing each time. I had a lot of mana, and the valour from each kill allowed me to buy more).

I definitely wish we could come up with a solution that prevents that kind of abuse on the mechanic.

That’s exactly the bonus for weaker units (like goblin and elven archers).
And this advantage has the malus that you can’t unmerge units. Simple.


I’d rather see time spent on other aspects and fixes than the ability to unmerge. The beauty of this game is how simple the interface is yet how complex the strategy can be.