Message Interception outpost/technology

Unlike my recent warp gate topic, I don’t consider this a request yet and would rather hear from everyone else what they think, as I’ve doubtless not thought of all the pros and cons (excluding the sure-to-be issues with implementation).

The idea is the possibility of adding a new mechanic, either specialty system/station/etc on a star or new research topic (possibly to replace the controversial terraforming? Just a random, recent thought) that allows for players to intercept messages to and from nearby players.

It makes more sense for it to be on a star because it would be more localized. Thus, one would have to involve it with scanning somehow so that whatever enemy star is closest counts as “in range” to intercept a message. Would have dire communication implications.

Obviously, the biggest problem would be the fact that players would just go somewhere else for covert negotiations the moment they see a star possesses an intercept outpost. This is a flaw in the idea that can never be fixed, and makes in more conjecture.

The only solution to the issue of alternate com. forms is that an interception outpost couldn’t be seen by enemies. This would add more juicy paranoia about whether or not someone’s listening to your messages or not, or who’s sharing them with whom.

Of course, once again, the obvious result of this is the near infinite list of other communication forms. But let’s just suppose…

I would hardly ever use in game communication which would be a massive pain. This “feature” would just make things that much more complicated.

The game is based in diplomacy and this would pretty much ruin that for me. You need to be able to talk to people in confidence.

Plus it could really get people’s feelings hurt if things they werent suppose to read got out…esp. from players who thought their communicays were private (as they should be)

No offense, but I am wholly opposed to this idea on so many levels.

That’s why I said I don’t consider it a game request, Valhallan. I’m just wondering what kind of strategic implications would result as a consequence.

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Its a common theme to want to have some kind of spying on the communication of other players. But as @Valhallan says, not very practical.

One thing we could do is have you spies report back on cash and tech trades, what people are researching, and who is in a formal alliance. That kind of thing.

You could also plant a spy on a star to report back ship movements and infrastructure spending. that kind of thing.

One strategic implication would be that I would constantly put out misinformation…To play the game right I’d have to contact my allies out of game, tell them to disregard any and all messages i send them in game, and then I’d have to spend a bunch of time sending fake messages each day LoL…no thanks! I’d rather not be forced to stay competetive by exploiting comms like that.

I like the idea of tech and infrastructure spying sleeper ships, so long as it’s something that can be turned off if I want it to be in a custom game. :wink:

I think Valhallan’s points are well-founded. open comms can be a painful idea, if tempting in theory.