Message yourself

I would like to see the ability to send yourself a message. Basically the point of this would be so you can leave yourself a reminder… It would work the exact same as messaging anyone else except you would be the recipient


I like this idea. Instead of messaging yourself, I would like to see some personal notepad area where you can take notes. I think this would work better in the game.

For now the ability to message yourself should be fine.


I think a notepad like feature would work better than messages, as they’re more easily lost if you’re in many communication networks. I ended up using excel/word to keep on top of trades/ideas/POAs, etc. This would be helpful to not need another program involved!

The ability to leave yourself notes has been one of my most wanted features for quite some time now.
A self-addressed message would be nice and an in-game notepad that syncs across all of your devices would be even better.

I like the idea that as the game progresses you can add a name to a list for every player that crosses you. Then every day just before signing off for the night you can read the the list aloud.

Aria Stark style.


I like the note pad idea as well. Make it a lot easier to keep track of your ideas.

Maybe on the Neptune's Pride you could have a tab that said Notes, that you could save some thoughts in?

I would like to add more than 1 note and have the option to save the notes that is re-nameable. Something like ‘Ally Attack Plans’ or ‘Desired Tech’. Folders for notes that you can rename would be good too. This way I can separate it by games if I want to only see notes for a 64 player game.

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