Microing Experimenting

I have so far swapped to experimenting on last hour before the cycle ticks on and then back to what I wish to actually research.
Do I actually need to do this micro to reap the extra buff I gain from level X experimenting or would I gain the experimenting buff anyways? Have I just diverted one tick of research from my main focus?

More importantly, if it is not automatical, why it is so? It cannot be because people who micro would prosper and those who don’t wouldn’t.

What extra buff? :confused: By extra I assume you mean in addition to normal.

The research page should explain thoroughly enough how it works. Explain exactly how you think Experimentation works, and we’ll correct you if you are wrong.

Ah, but it isn’t specified should the Experimenting be on active research or not for the random gainst go happen. Only the research you are currently doing has a mention on top of it that says “Active”.

What my point/question is: Does the “experimenting” need to be active for the x*72 per cycle to happen or not during the change of the cycle?

Active just means it’s your current research. Though it could be better worded, “Current Research” or some such.

The same applies to all the other research. You don’t need to be researching Banking to get extra money or Manufacturing to get the extra ships, etc.


Research, like all other techs, gives you a bonus depending on the level of it that you have. If you actively research experimentation and get x levels in it, you will have x level point bonus to a random tech. This bonus is given out at the start / end of each tick.

Switching to it just before the tick won’t (i don’t think) give you any special benefit… though it does sometimes seem like the experimentation bonus does come in the category I am currently ‘researching next’