Midnight Prospectors II

Nova storms and hostile lifeforms. It’s all here, and so is the dough. Galactic credit dough, that is.

Who’s going to strike it rich? Will it be you? Or is your mining corporation doomed to assimilation?

Game Settings:

Stars For Victory 66% of all Stars
Player Type Premium Players Only
Formal Alliances Enabled
Anonymity Normal
Turn Based Off
Tick Rate Double (30 Mins)
Build Warp Gates Expensive
Random Warp Gates Common
Dark Galaxy Enabled
Starfield Hexgrid
Star Scatter Random
Stars Per Player 16 Stars, Small
Home Star Distance Close
Natural Resources Standard
Production Ticks 18 Ticks
Starting Stars 1
Starting Credits $250
Starting Ships Per Star 10 Ships
Starting: Economy 0
Starting: Industry 0
Starting: Science 1
Cost: Economy Expensive
Cost: Industry Cheap
Cost: Science Expensive
Trade Cost Very Expensive 50$/Level
Trade Scanned Enabled
Cost: Terraforming Very Expensive
Cost: Experimentation Expensive
Cost: Scanning Cheap
Cost: Hyperspace Cheap
Cost: Manufacturing Normal
Cost: Banking Normal
Cost: Weapons Normal
Starting: Terraforming Level1
Starting: Experimentation Level1
Starting: Scanning Level4
Starting: Hyperspace Level4
Starting: Manufacturing Level1
Starting: Banking Level1
Starting: Weapons Level1