Minimum Rank to play 64p

Honestly, the worst part of 64p games is the high level of dropouts leading to heavily random chance that some players get an easy run when compared to others. Someone with a lot of luck and AFK nearby can normally grow very quickly before anyone has any chance to do anything about it and often (not always) gets to bulldoze from the mid game.

Almost every single AFK in my current game is Victory:0 | Rank:0 | Rating:0 (one has 9 rating and 0 everything else). Can the game be modified so you can’t join a 64p game until you have at least SOME minimum level of rank?

I’m not talking high at all as I don’t want it to be a huge barrier to new players - even 1 rank (i.e. 1 completed game) would probably make a huge difference.

Not really sure @JayKyburz is checking the forum but I hope so :slight_smile: