Minor User Interface Bugs (spelling, grammar, incorrect messages, etc.)


I’m making this thread as a way of collating the minor UI issues. These range from spelling and grammar to showing stuff when it should be hidden. Feel free to use this thread or to post separately.

Excluded are:

  • Gameplay related bugs
  • Any major issues


Reported on Discord by @darelc. Allied carriers declare as enemy carriers when inspected. Wording should be changed so it’s clear the carrier is controlled by an empire with an alliance.

Carrier screen:


The player list in the production-tick emails are sorted by stars then carriers, rather than stars then ships as the actual in-game leaderboard:


Also, sometimes if my star is captured, the notification doesn’t actually say that the star is captured like it does when I capture an enemy star. (And when it does, I don’t have a screenshot of this handy but the player color isn’t displayed next to the name of the player that captured the star.) Or maybe it has to do with there being no economic infrastructure on the star?



Here’s a screenshot of the “star captured” message appearing, but missing the color next to the player name. I think the message might only appear when money is captured as well?



@ekolis , do you mean the “Badger People” are purple circle ?

Is it possible you have some kind of blindness to blue ?

or do you mean the second “ekolis” does not show red circle ?


@xjhdexter I mean there’s no red circle for “ekolis captured the star and $20” - it is present in Proteus, but not in Triton.


In Proteus, when ever there is combat it says someone captured the star even if that is the person who successfully defended the star. Comes off a little weird.


The research help says:

A star produces Y*(X+5) ships every 24 hours where X is your manufacturing tech level and Y is the amount of industry at a star.

This should be every cycle. A star produces Industry * (Manufacturing + 5) ships every cycle. Cycles are 16 to 36 hours with default being 24.

Maybe the best way of wording it is something like:

Each Industry built on a star creates 5 ships per cycle. Each manufacturing level increases this by 1.

Then it’s easy to calculate how many ships a higher Manufacturing level will give you. It’s just equal to your empire’s industry.


Thanks Annan, that’s a good suggestion!