Mirror Maps now in Proteus

I added a small feature to Proteus today. When its released you will be able to make mirror maps. Perfect for little one-on-one tournaments or team games.




Finally we can get that 1v1 back off the ground!!

@TheLastHero =] =]

Have I unlocked the ability to make Proteus games yet? I think its still coming soon!

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Please back-port mirror maps to NP Triton! :wink:
Just call it Beta - doesn’t have to be perfect.

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Would absolutely love it if these was available for Triton also! Proteus had a few turn off features for me, but I would love to play 1v1s

I’ll echo what Hulk and Hero said… 1vs1 in Triton please!

Agreed on the 1v1 in Triton. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander!

I also agree, mirror maps would be good, great for 1v1 and team games as well