Mirror Maps


In preparation for LDG’s Dulling Tournament I’ve added a new feature to the map generator that mirrors the galaxies stars around the center. This creates a symmetrical map with a random scattering. Check out some sample maps.

I’ve also changes how stars that are too close to each other are removed, and how your starting stars are given, so now I have to spend the rest of the day making sure I didn’t break all the other map types!

Duelling tournament
Un-Official Neptune's Pride Tournament
Triton Updates

Oh WOW … that’s AWESOME for 2-player games … speaking as someone who had to generate about a dozen games today to get a balanced one for a Mano-Mano contest.

I just checked and I didn’t see a “mirror” option available in the map creation menu … will that be available soon?

P.S. Any chance while you are in that part of the code you can make things consistently ordered in the game creation menu with what is shown when you click on “Review This Game’s Custom Settings”


I haven’t made it an option you can set when creating star fields yet. There are quite a few ways it can break a map.

I have a look at those menus


Thanks Jay! this is brilliant.


Absolutely Love It! That first one would also work great to mirror again horizontally for a 4player map


WOW ! That is some neat math !!

So in the future plans, your next progressions in map designs could be something that fit together properly like some kind of jigsaw puzzle. Sort of like M. C. Escher drawings ?




HA HA !!




Right now all I do is multiply the x and y coordinates of every star by -1. I think it would work quite well for larger maps as well as long as the player starts were distributed symmetrically / evenly around the origin using the custom map function.


Could this be related to my being unable to create a game right now?


Take that back- I was able to create a game with default settings. I will try to narrow down precisely what is breaking…


I had a look at this and it looks like i broke games that want more than 6 starting stars. I will try and fix later today!