Miscalculation in ruler?

I’ve just set a ship’s orders, intending to arrive at a star just after another player (swine, I know…). However, it looks like my cunning plan has backfired, because the ruler seems to have overestimated the travel time by an hour.

So when I measure from star to star, the ruler gives an ETA of 9h, but the ship that’s just left has an eta of 7h54m. I don’t have any other stationary ships that I can test with at the moment, but I’ll try and confirm using another star.

Another odd thing - when I’m moving a ship, the minutes and seconds on the ship ETA are updated by the production countdown timer. I assume that there’s some sort of javascript snafu in there :wink:

Another data point. I’ve set another ship in motion - range 2.4ly, the ruler says 8h, the eta on the ship says 7h18m - the minutes/seconds seem to be the same as the production countdown (18h18m), but should be somewhere around 7h58-59m, since I only set it in motion a few minutes ago.

  1. If the game has 1h turns, then 7h 18m is correctly estimated as 8 hours.

  2. If it is within 10 minutes after a turn, force a refresh by clicking the header Credits: ... Production: ..., then set your ship commands.

  3. There probably may be glitches with jumping on stars, as it effectively takes 1 additional hour.

Yeah I looked at the code for a minute last night and don’t see anything that would have made it flat-out +1 hour. I didn’t really test it with real-time games though so hopefully it’s just confusion caused by the ETA counting down between the ticks.

Real-time games are actually turn-based games that automatically process commands each hour (or 30 min for double speed and 15 min for quad speed), jumping 1h in game time (a “tick”) at each process.

So, it doesn’t matter when you give the command to go, by the end of the tick countdown the game will compute “the next hour”. This is valid for everything, from carrier motion to research and ship production.