Mobile Device Freezes Movement


Hey again…

I’ve recently started playing on my mobile and I’ve noticed that sometimes after I’ve closed a message, I am then unable to move around the map. I am still able to negotiate the menus and scroll in and out, but can’t move around. I have to close the browser and start again to readjust what I was doing.

Does anyone else find this, or am I just unlucky?



EDIT: Wow, was too excited and didn’t read the actual post.

This happened once, so unless it’s keeps on I’d say you’re unlucky.


I haven’t seen this bug Satan, but I only test on a Nexus 4 and iPhone 5. What kind of device are you using?


@JayKyburz , I use a Nokia Lumia 720


Is that a windows phone? I might need to go out and buy one.


It is indeed. Not one of the best either, I believe…