Mobile devices v PC


I’m interested to know how many people play using mobile devices (iPads and phones) compared to PC. I don’t know if Jay has these stats at all?

I think I probably play 20% on PC, 80% on mobile devices. I’ve started just having it on my iPad around the house, even when I’m sat at my PC so I don’t have to switch tabs…


Mostly PC during the day/evening but if I have guests or need to check while doing something else away from the PC then my phone. If I’m checking during the night when I wake up in a cold sweat then usually iPad. (Mostly I use my phone to check for messages or planning, rather than actually making moves on my phone (although I do the latter too with live games if I have to).)

I usually keep one tab always open on my phone for any live games with another for switching between turn-based games (depending how many games I’m in at the same time).


PC only when I’m on it anyway (eg during work), ipad all other times except when travelling and phone if I’m travelling.

I would say very-approximately 30% PC, 25% phone and 45% tablet.


The main thing I miss when using a device is clicking stars/carriers to insert their name in messages (very awkward on a phone) and right-clicking stars/carriers to insert the player name (impossible? on devices) especially with more than 8 players.


Laptop when need to write messages or type lots of numbers. Else iPad. The phone only if away from home.

So it depends on the game. With previous games I was 60% iPad, 30% laptop. With the Proteus 3 game, I’m 70% laptop. 20% iPad.

As said @SteveLawUK, it’s difficult writing messages on mobile devices as you cannot link the stars or player names from the messages easily. (In addition to the inherent difficulty of typing in a screen)


I find that I prefer my PC for most things (especially combat calculations) but do lean on the mobile device heavily for lighter maintenance.

I’d say 65% PC, 35% mobile here.


Probably 80% while at work on the train etc, then 20% on the PC at home.


My work blocks games so 80-90% phone. I much prefer PC but while at work, on the go, while in bed I can’t use PC.


I’ll have a look at google analytics and tell you all next week during the week. I’d be interested to have a look as well.


I play mostly in my mobile-devices mobile (95%).


Awesome! This will be interesting to know :slight_smile:


90% PC, 10% iPhone


about 60% on the iPhone, and 40% on the PC. not by preference, I prefer the PC because I can see, make commands, and send messages so much easier. but the iPhone is always with me. speaking of which the last few months the iPhone has been having issues with the graphics of the game. keeps wanting to zoom in too much. so I can’t see the full scree. a real pain the the but. now I can’t see the stars when I write a message so no clicking on them to link a world. :confused:


Below are the official stats


That’s pretty evenly split. If we accept that devices have overtaken desktops for general Internet use then this kind of gives desktops a bit more weighting for NP. Maybe.


This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing!


From that we can tell that the user who has Amazon Silk is a premium user. 10 pages per visit probably means he has about 8 games on the go. And spends an average of 24 minutes updating all of the games…


There is only one amazon silk user here on the forums. :slight_smile: