Moments of Glory! Moments of Horror!


I thought it would be fun to have a place to collect stories and screenshots of exciting/fun/scary moments in everyone’s games. Whether it be a moment of triumph or a realization of imminent doom, share your best Blight moments here!


If only I had a Dark Forest Witch…

The first of the new bosses

Combat Priestess Saves a Mana Pool

That feel when you have to put your only Shaman Priestess in an army with no chance of survival, because otherwise you’ll lose your only mana pool by 9 Strength.

Last March of the Orcs

These are the last Mortal Orcs left in the game, marching north to join forces with four other players to make a last stand against the Blight… Nightmare Fountain of Wisdom is pretty hard, guys!

Note all those cards in my hand and deck that can never be played, as there aren’t any unblighted Orc settlements left on the map… :frowning:


I’ll have to start screenshoting some of these moments. I love the first screenshot, reminds me of when the zombies didn’t group up as much




He bravely ran away away

When evil reared its ugly head

He bravely turned his tail and fled…