Monkey in the Middle


I have created a new game, “Monkey in the Middle,” with a custom galaxy. It’s got a ring of 15 players around 1 in the center. With scanning-based trade, the center player has a chance of being in a superior trading position…or being squashed like a bug.

I’ve used this custom galaxy in a private game before, but with a bunch of AIs, and the center player went AFK at one point…so this is still an experiment.



OH wait, it’s turnbased? :frowning:

8 hour jumps with 18 hour deadlines will take forever…


I like slow turn based games.

I’m in a double speed game now and everything seems to happen while I’m sleeping.


I agree, also time to discuss tactics and exchange tech between moves.

KING OF THE HILL - don't believe?

Would you mind sharing the map design? pretty please :slight_smile:


[[12,12], [24,12], [23,17], [20,21], [16,23], [11,24], [6,22], [2,19], [0,14], [0,10], [2,5], [6,2], [11,0], [16,1], [20,3], [23,7]]

It’s fairly easy to cook it up with any number of players, with the appropriate trig functions.


I tried to create it but it always makes one player with only 2 or 3 stars. Did you manage to make it work?


Yes. I assume from the game you posted that you got it to work.

By the way, one of the games I created with it had the “twin ring” pattern. Usually I’m not a fan of that setting, but it created some interesting “binary star” systems 1h apart, as pictured.