Monster and Boss Pools


At the moment:
Undead minion touches a pool and drains its power to become a Boss!!!
Monster or Boss corrupts a pool nothing happens

Although this makes it easier for us i don’t think its very fair for the zombies.

So my ideas:
Boss touches pool powers up its power. for example:
Lich/Lies/Jester/Coins Get more strength when people use cards/its ability
Corrupt/Timers Range of ability increases
Trailblazer reduce ability recharge

Monster touches pool:
Get a one time random burst of power copying a boss power
Teleporting dragons anyone?


I like random dancing dragons even better ;-p

(or synchronized swimming hydras)


I’m a fan. I know the devs have plans to do Monster Bosses eventually, but probably not until after the first release.

I certainly think it should be problematic anytime a Mana Pool gets blighted, no matter what causes it. Powerups would be very cool; I’m all for more variety. It might be easier to just let bosses raise more bosses, though (Trailblazer suddenly becomes a monstrous problem though, haha).


Yeah, if bosses could raise bosses, Trailblazer would need a rebalance.