More email options

1st of all I would like to get an email remainder from turn based games if I haven’t submitted the turn xx minutes before the deadline. And screaming warnings if I’m about to go AFK. Would be nice on live games also.

It would be also cool to have more options, which type of emails I wish to receive. For example, I would not like to get any production update emails etc, but I would like to be notified about all comminications coming from other players. Or maybe I’d like to enable only the remainders of missing turns. etc.


Or if you are the last one to submit your turn… That way you would know if you are holding up the game.

We would need some controls to indicate which emails we want, as we might not want to be flooded with them.

Ditto all that.

I’ve suggested to Jay that he may want to consider an “Email Control Center” where you can set those various options - probably best to do per game rather than globably … since you want more info in “interesting” games … but less on those that are pretty much settled.

P.S. I totally agree with Brian’s comments about being notified if you are holding up the game. But along those lines (and in order not to give an advantage for those that wait until the end), the “showing” of abandoned stars (before the turn) should be fixed. Not sure about tech transfers as others have said - also see this thread - Garrison 1 as default or option for Carrier Actions - #5 by Peter

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I’m for friendly reminder emails. I’ve seen plenty of people be the last one, come online and send messages, then never submit their turn. As long as they don’t do it multiple turns in a row, they don’t get kicked out. In all likelihood, they are setting their orders when they are online messaging.

A reminder email isn’t going to wake them in the middle of the night, unless they already have their email wake them. Also, an email is a lot less drastic than the ‘ban vote’ method I’ve seen in other games that is used to kick players that are degrading the game for others.

Really this is a game etiquette issue. Turn based is great for not having to get up in the middle of the night, or check in every hour to make sure someone isn’t attacking you. However, there is generally no reason why most turns need to take the default 12 hours. At least not day after day.

I do get that there is still info being leaked out. Jay should be able to fix the abandoned star issue, just like hiding the other data. However, I can’t see how to fix the tech transfer issue. If it stays hidden, then the sender might think they forgot or there was a server error, then send again. Or another player could send the same tech. Would this get rejected by the system, or just charge the fees for duplicate transfers?

I think having the server reject it would work fine (and not bill the sender in that case). In practice, it makes it possible to check to see if someone has been given tech – but it would make it expensive enough if they don’t have the tech that it probably won’t get used much. It would certainly be better than the current situation.

True. Have you noticed that they game shows you your increased ship production in comparison to others immediately after you build Industry, but a short time later, shows you your old amount. I suspect that is a bug with the code hiding current data from others.

I’ll look for it, I have certainly noticed the production being shown low (and then fixed the next turn), but I hadn’t noticed that after first noticing it being correct.

I’ve noticed odd behaviour with ship production #s as well when manu is traded and/or industry is purchased…