More events and tabs needed


First there is a lot of info in the events tab. Combat alone can be pages long and there should be a separate tab just for combat. And/or a way to sort the entries by a category including show new only option with the sorting.

My vote would be for Messages/Combat/Events tabs and a checkmark box for show new only to apply to any tab your veiwing.

Second along the subject or the events tab. Excluding the combat info. A few very helpful items do not show up in events.

  1. My unprotected star was taken over. I hate missing this during war time.
  2. My formal alliance partner transferred a carrier and ships. If it was an accident or I want to send back I don’t know how many or that it even happened.
  3. Any other items like this I’m forgetting? ?

In game trading tally
Events not in order

Yes, I agree and made a note of this in my list a few weeks ago. I hope to get to it soon.


Hitting the shortcut key “I” brings up the Diplomacy / Events tabs
Currently these are both sorted by “most recent activity” or ordered by event tick.
What if there was also a second or third way available to filter and organize these messages ?

A. EVENTS filtering
A.1. First ordered by most recent event or tick
A.2. Second filter by either ALL or individual or multiple participating players ?
A.3. Third filter by ALL or user selected categories or types of events ?

During a recent 64 player game, I was able to determine these categories of events.

System reporting ( I forget what this was ? I think there was only one or two events like this. )
uncategorized category ( just in case catch all , could be patched later )
Galactic Cycles
Experimentation bonus or Science breakthroughs
Battle Reports ( should include loss of undefended stars , should include liquidated ECON )
player Cash trades
player or AI Tech trades
KOs & Quitters & AFKs
Formal Alliance issues = establishing , declaring war
( Formal Alliance carrier transfers )
earned renown or badge from another player
and any additional categories that I have missed, or invented by @Mastery or other players.

B. DIPLOMACY filtering
B.1. First ordered by most recent event or tick
B.2. Second filter by either ALL or individual or multiple participating players ?
B.3. The third filter can be like a user created tags, not folders, sort of like how Gmail or this forum allows messages to be tagged into groups or categories. So either ALL tags or individual or multiple user created tags.

EDITs : tweaked my list of feature requests a third time.

Notification Requests

This would be a VERY welcome change. For instance, going back to figure out who you sent tech too, etc. can be a real chore … and 24 hour turn games generate pages of combat events.

Speaking of combat events, it would be nice if it showed you much Economy you wiped out as sometimes you don’t know.


Also at the bottom of the DIPLOMACY / EVENTS , there is one pair of BACK / NEXT buttons.

It would be nice if there was also a pair of BACK / NEXT buttons at the top, so there can be less manual labor to review the messages.


I am in a 24 player game now.
I wanted to send a message to all 24 players, but discovered that the Diplomacy email system has a maximum limit of 16 recipients, so I had to break it up into two groups.
So now 12 players are having a discussion about game settings and AFK players, while the other 11 players are missing out on the synergy of this dialog.

What is the reason for this 16 recipient limit ?

Can this limit be unrestricted ?


I think that in addition to having a pair of BACK / NEXT buttons,
it can also be helpful to have two more buttons at the top and bottom :

Sometimes a player wants to research a past issue or occurrence, and this helps to be more swift.

And if there is space available to fit this in , then add a small text box to select a previous tick :
either LAST / BACK / [ tick ] / NEXT / FIRST
or RECENT / BACK / [ tick ] / NEXT / EARLIEST

This way the player can quickly jump to the tick to research the relevant events when they occurred.