More maps! Modular starts. And selectable races


Iron Crown is the only map that lets our group play as all of the races at the start. But we don’t want to play the same map twice in a row.

It would be really fantastic if some maps were designed so players can choose which races they want to play as. I.E. if 3 people pick human, one picks elves and two pick orc, then the map changes the starting locations to fit those selections.

With the way most races conform to a terrain type, I understand that can be tricky, but I just wish there were more ways to play a specific map to make it feel fresh. Like, if a player could choose from multiple different cities to start in, rather than just one static location depending on your race selection.

Some people just prefer certain races and want to play as them, but at the moment the map selection prevents that. A map editor, as mentioned somewhere on this forum, would fix that, but that’s a beast to get working well.

But if there is a limited map pool, like there is now, then the maps should be more replayable. Not just by increasing difficulty, but possibly by allowing the players to try different races on a map, different starting locations, etc.
There’s a puzzle element to Blight of the Immortals, and nobody wants to solve the same puzzle twice.

I’d like to hear what other players think about this, and whether this is an issue just for me and the group I play with. Essentially, I would like either a huge map selection, or more options at the beginning for race selection and start location in a limited map pool


I just want to jump in anytime a map editor is mentioned and say that I think if there is a map editor it may become possible to generate semi-random maps as well.

pro map-randomization man away


Another Crown-like map is the next map on my to-do list. We are hoping to keep releasing maps to have a large set of maps to choose from.

We would also like to have some different types of maps / modes, including randomisation and fog/exploration. This would be a ways down the track though.


I was thinking that one way we could add more “Explore” to our 4x game was to hide the size of each settlement until you moved there to discover it. We could also have a little randomisation in the race as well, but make it appropriate for the race terrain underneath.

For example Forests could have Elves or Goblins.