More turn options


So, there are only a few options for advancing time on a turn-based game. 12 every 12, 8 every 24, etc. Seem rather arbitrary to me.

I played 12 a turn every 12 hours and it seems a little too fast if you can only log in once a day (say, you go to sleep, then to work, then oops). But 24 is kinda slow. A 16 or 18 hours interval seems ideal to me. Also 12 ticks is too much, you carries can get almost anywhere by surprise. 8 ticks per turn seems ideal to me. And while we are at it, production every 24 ticks fixed is also arbitrary.

So, since this in not really realtime already, is there any technical problems to choosing X ticks per turn, production every Y turns and turn limit of Z real hours?

Production timing

I’d love to play a 8 hours per turn, 14 or 16 hour turn limit game. Is there any reason this has to be a dropdown at all? If I want to play a 7 or 13 or 17 hour turn limit game, why not?

I’ll tag on the other idea regarding turn length I’d really like to see, which is the ability to go over the limit once or twice in a game. Perhaps I can go over a little twice or a lot once, or even have the ability to go over replenished every n turns. This way a game can be set up with a fast turn limit to set the normal behavior, but folks don’t miss their turn if life very rarely gets in the way.


+1 for 8 hour jumps!


You can choose 8 hour jumps.

7 or 13 or 17 hour time limits sound confusing to me. I chose time limits that fit into multiples of of 24 so that I know, at a minimum, how many turns I need to play each day. If it was 17 hours, some days I would have to play once, some days I would have to place twice.

If you really really wanted to custom game set up with some weird time I could set it up for you but I would not want it as standard.


Well, probably. 13 and 17 are kinda esoteric. Turns not always reach their limits though (in the best cases), so I find myself playing more or less often anyway, one or more times per day depending on how many times I get the email.

The important piece IMHO is that I know that when I click “submit”, I can go away for X hours if needed. I don’t need X to be a fraction of 24. 12-hour turns out to be a little too fast if you have to go out and then sleep, but 16 or 18, kind of a compromise between 12 and 24, would be ideal. Again, IMHO.

Glad we got your attention though :wink:


Yes, I find 12 a little to fast.

The game I am in now is 9:30 am and 9:30 pm. I’m usually finished with my computer 7-8pm at night and find it hard to play my turn before 9:30 in the morning.


Maybe I meant +1 vote for 6 hour jumps, but I can see that’s an option, too. Was that always there? I’m going crazy…

Yes, I find that in 12 hour limit games I’ll miss a turn every couple of days due to bad timing.


I’m not joining any games until late this month now, but I would like to try out a 16 hour limit, so I’ll take you up on your offer when I get back from vacation. Hopefully if that goes well you’ll consider adding it to the drop-down. I wasn’t entirely serious about 13 and 17, but I was trying to make the point that having a drop down at all limited options, for no benefit I could see. I suppose not being surprising could be that reason =)

I agree with @daniel_langdon 's point though – ideally turns won’t reach their limits. The point of a 16 hour turn limit would be for folks who intend to play two turns a day, but want some more breathing room. I feel like 24 hours is too long – particularly since we don’t have this option: Submit last, submit twice (was: Force ‘next turn’ in admin controls) , but, 12 hours feels too short. So I feel like I’m stuck between too quick and too slow.

On the subject of a turn limit possibly being surprising – I’d say whether a game is turn based or real time, and what the turn structure is, is (or if it’s double/quad speed for real time), is the very most important information about a game. The other options can influence the strategy within the game, and everyone will have their preferences, but the game timing seems to be the only setting which is relevant to the question “is it possible for me to play this game?”

Therefore I suggest it would be worth it to have that specific information: an icon for turn based vs real time, then either a 1/2/4x next to the real time, and just two numbers for the turn based, eg: 24/8 for 24 hour turn limit and 8 hour jumps. Then folks can just scan through games they can play.


Good suggestion @suffusion I will join this game as well when you are ready for it and try it out.

I also like your suggestions about showing those two critical things on the game list and will add it to my todo’s