Multi-Tick Battles (Stalingrad)


Hey guys,

I was thinking what if it was possible to have Multi-tick battles? The basic idea is that there is a limit to how many combat rounds that can occur in each turn. The basic result is that in the late game, huge battles might take several ticks to wind down.

The benefit to this is that players can strategically and tactically try to stall each other. For both offensive and defensive, they can use the extra ticks to pull in reinforcements which normally wouldn’t arrive in time.

Defensively, they can try to force an invasion force to stall/slow down with a huge battle, so they can prepare a counter offensive. They can gather garrisons together to try to stall a raider force so a smack down fleet can catch up.

Offensively, the player must decide if committing their forces to a battle which last for several ticks (or even an entire cycle) is worth losing mobility and initiative on that front, and strategically, causing a significant portion of their fleet be essentially stuck in position. They can also try to force the defending player to commit to a compromising position, then launch raids behind their main forces.

Some ideas for how this limit is set is just by game settings. It could also be set by technology (research more technology to fight more rounds per tick) or based on the number of carriers (say, the fleet with the more carriers define how many combat rounds were fought, at a rate of 10 * carrier rounds per tick?)

This idea might also be considered for Proteus. What do you guys think?

EDIT: And here’s how it’s like Stalingrad.

The soviet player kept pouring in defenders into the city, forcing the germans fleet to remain in combat over extended, until the soviets was able to organize a counter offensive which recaptured the sector and destroyed the by now much diminished german fleet.


I find this already tends to happen in many games to some extent. Well it does for me at least but I am generally more cautious than aggressive.

Not in single battles but you push forward, catch the enemy by surprise and maybe take a couple of stars but then they send fleets forward to meet you and a stand off occurs. You both keep sending reinforcements until one falls behind in ships or tech or makes a mistake and leaves an opening (or an ally joins the battle).

I’ve seen it from both sides several times. Of the five games I’m currently in three of them are at this stage now - one where I’m the attacker and two the defender. The other two I haven’t engaged an enemy at all yet, so I expect the stand off to come later. (This happens against players, not AI so much although they can tend to hole up at their HW.)


I agree, I’ve experienced that myself before.

It’s a strategic thing. Pooling reserves to the front but not committing them means that those ships and fleets are still “live”. Committing them into battle is instantaneous and allows instant maneuver after said battle.