Multiple accounts in a single game


As someone who thoroughly enjoys NP and has played more games than I can count, I find it disgraceful to play against someone who creates alt accounts just to give the most advantageous one everything. Over the course of a week, one player has been giving the other two all their planets, abandoning or leaving the planets empty every turn prior to the main arriving, they have the same tech since the beginning of the game as well… How is that possible on a 15 min turn game to plan multiple planets and everything so precise other than cheating?

I can understand with friends planning their attacks and setting things up, but throughout all hours of the clock (in the middle of the night somewhere) three different accounts are feeding their planets or reacting to attacks every 15? Really.

Is there any way to look into this and check for the same IP?

This is utterly disgusting and leaves a bad taste for playing.


I’ve had a look at the games admin page and there are no obvious cheaters there. They might just be good friends trying to make sure one of them wins.



Thanks Jay.