Multiple Suggestions for Consideration

Consider the following:

  1. Turn Based Games Game Entry Button Color Indicators:
    On ACTIVE GAMES menu for turn based games - have two different colorations for game entry buttons. Green coloration of game button indicating your “submit” button has been pushed, ie. you do not need any action. Blue coloration of game button indicating “submit” button not utilized (options for game moves exist). This would just be an alternative or supplement to email notification, where you can go to your games page and enter into only those games requiring updates.

  2. True Alliance Game Variation:
    Additional game types to the current “one player to rule them all” victory parameter. Consider true alliance game variety, where can have fixed unbreakable alliance option with maximum of either 1 or 2 additional players, where when victory is achieved both players either get full-win or get partial-win credit. The victory condition requirements can either be shared among allied players OR need be met by a single player on the team.

  3. Weekday Update Turn Based Games:
    Have option for weekday only games, where during week games update either by all players utilizing submit game button OR by maximal time interval passing causing auto update.
    However on weekends, game will only advance if ALL players utilize “submit” button. Otherwise game suspends for weekend.

  1. Like the first idea. In fact, I’d also like a numeric notification on the game selection screen (My Games) indicating the same number as the Mail/Event icon shows within the game itself.

  2. We have been in discussions with Jay for Team settings, similar to those. See Team Game Specification

  3. You can pause a game if you set up the game and include the password. It isn’t exactly what you are asking for, but would be workable. Just pause on weekends, and when everyone has take the turn, let the game resume and it will automatically cycle the turn. Then hit Pause again. We have been using a Google Hangout with our team game, and you could notify players that the turn cycled with that.

Maybe for custom games certain people can have privileges to pause or resume a game. The game creator can give certain people privileges to help the game run a little smoother. Also the ability to reinstate an AFK player by other people other than the game creator.


Thanks for the great suggestions.

  1. Love this one. Its a great idea and it not on my list. I will put it on there!

  2. I see this as like a dynamic team game. I’m not sure I like the idea of an unbreakable alliance, unless you start the game in the alliance and all the other players have the same size team. I think there might be problems with 2 or 3 players forming an unbreakable alliances then ganging up on the individuals.

Remember in Neptune’s Pride there is only one winner, everybody else are losers. The game works best when every player is fighting for that top spot!

  1. What @Brian_Flowers said.