Must click "eye" icon twice to move map to player's territory on leaderboard


Using Firefox 28.0, Windows 7 x64. Nothing on the JavaScript error console.

Clicking the “eye” icon for a player to the right of their star count on the leaderboard opens that player’s profile but does not move the map. If I go to the leaderboard a second time and click the same icon, the player profile opens and the map re-centers itself on the player’s territory.

The intended behavior seems to be that the map should re-center the first time as with other situations where the eye icon moves the map display. If I am correct, then this may also be affecting the functionality of pressing the eye icon while inspecting another player’s star or carrier.

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Mark you are spot on there. I am on Chrome and just thought the feature was completely broken, but you are correct.
Leaderboard > click on Empire eye icon > back to leaderboard > click on SAME Empire eye icon > map centres on that empire.

Definite bug. This feature has been a little unstable as other feature updates tend to cause problems with it.


Thanks for the heads up. I will make this consistent.