My tournament Attempt


Things did not go well.

edit: When I lost the giants on the right I new it was all over. I fired some bows instead of boosting my Giants!


its a big map and not an easy one, took me several attempts before i managed to get to a position where i could survive.
Definite case of having to juggle several eggs and hoping none smash.
So far only two people have finished and survived, I’m hoping more make it all the way through.


I tried again this evening and scored the 36. I just didn’t draw much crowd control at the start and lost a few key locations. (Is using jaykyburz rather than my usual Iron Helmet because I was playing over at Kongregate rather than on our own site. )


Survived! That was a very long map- makes for a completely different type of contest than the previous weeks.

I’m loving the tournaments so far, a great addition to the game.


Ended up using cards from all 4 races to win. Very dodgy. Had a 2 15 k stacks of orcs just barely locked down in front of giant town/ the last orc town.


Thats not dodgy, thats really great.


So did i, multi race decks rule.
Had one scary moment when i realised i had ran out of mana so couldn’t use abilities but managed to save two orc towns in the end


Between a busy work week and camping this weekend I’m not going to get a chance to submit a Tournament run this week, so keep an eye on the high scores for Keepers early next week, because I’ll definitely be trying to get first place in spirit. :smiley: I have a strategy that I think is really promising, but it’s proving too time-intensive for me to finish a good run before the tourney ends.


Congrats to Aran who must have been able to keep those spiders completely locked down!

edit: sorry wrong thread I think. I meant for this week the crazy hard troll map.