Mystery Ships


I just fought a battle and my opponent (who won & took my star) has more ships on their carrier than they should based on the battle chart. According to the battle chart, they won (at click 204) and had 8 ships left on their carrier (the only carrier left at the end of the battle). However, at the start of the next turn (click 208), their carrier shows 22 ships. The star they took shows the proper number of built ships since they took the star and no other carriers have passed through the area. Other than a glitch, what would cause the extra 14 ships to appear on that carrier?


So if you click on the star that you lost,
does your opponent now show that star building 3.5 ships per tick ( hour ) ?


The star is building 13.75 ships per click. There are now 55 ships on the star (correct count for 4 clicks of build) but 22 ships on the carrier instead of the 8 it should have.


Partial turn order:

  • Battles
  • Ship Production
  • Drop commands
  • Pickup commands

From reading your posts, and making various assumptions, it looks like this:

Tick 203: Carrier ???, Star ???, Production ???
Tick 204: Carrier 8 + pickup, Star 0, Production 13.75 (battle event)
Tick 205: Carrier ???, Star ~13.75, Production 13.75
Tick 206: Carrier ???, Star ~27.5, Production 13.75
Tick 207: Carrier ???, Star ~41.25, Production 13.75
Tick 208: Carrier 22, Star 55, Production 13.75

I don’t see the problem. When the carrier landed it picked up 14 nearly produced ships. Over the following 4 turns 55 ships were produced.


Oh yes ! Now it makes sense.
tick 204, combat vs enemy carrier, resulting in enemy carrier having 8 ships remaining after battle.
tick 204 captured star produces 13.75 ships per tick, that tick 204. But Jay’s manufacturing algorithm keeps track of partial ships produced, so maybe there was a residual 0.3 ships left over from before, which results in 14 ships collected by that carrier at tick 204.