Name mulligan


So when I first signed up for NP I just selected the first name that came to mind, which wasn’t already taken. However since then, I’ve got to know my style and realize that this first name choice was not suited for the dirty space pirate I have come to be.

Any chance that after say, three months or other longevity criteria, that a player could earn a 1-time name change, aka the “name mulligan”? The concerns that come to mind are Jay’s time to have to implement this, hopefully it wouldn’t be too much or could be coded in, and secondly the reset of a name could mean a reset of reputation and this might not be something that is appreciated by the overall community.

What do you all think?

Grunter (for now anyway :smile:)


I know of a hyperlink, but I do not know whether Jay wants it shared. so I give you this thread instead.

Send an email to Jay.


I’d love this. Signed up as blackbird77 not realizing that the name everyone would see for all of time. Would love to change it to my actual name