Necromancer Lord carrying Hydras onto land

In our game here (Blight of the Immortals), a Necromancer Lord took over a hydra pool at Secret Pool. We were quite worried our swamps would be flattened by six fast-swimming hydras, not that we had much left in the swamps by then, but instead they joined the same stack as the Necromancer Lord.

Since there were already trolls in the stack, it has then taken a gentle saunter down to the bottom of the swampland at 16 hours per square, while we all wondered what would happen. And what has happened? Well, the stack has happily proceeded onto dry land, hydras and all! The players in that corner are quite concerned that hydras will have the same combat effectiveness when being portaged as they do while swimming.

I’m guessing this is a bug, and that where it went wrong is when the hydras were originally allowed in to the same stack as the walking units.


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Uh… Good luck? That seems rather unintended! I think your analysis of the bug is probably spot on.

At least they’re traveling with Trolls, haha.

Let us know how it turns out! I’m personally hoping for Hydras having a hidden 2000 strength buff in swamp, and then they become 0 strength on land :wink:

A dragon has breathed on the Necromancer Lord, splitting the stack. The hydras are now sitting unmoving on the plain, waiting for us to gather up all the juicy valour.

Good solution. I like that they’re not trying to head back to the swamp or anything, just quietly accepting their fate.