Need a serious player for Fountain Nightmare - NOW FULL


A bunch of us had fun on Fountain Hard but wanted a bigger challenge…if you are Level 2+ and won’t go AFK we’d love to have you join us on strategicthinkers game.

Goblins and Trolls left (surprise!)

Password: “roundtwo”


will sign up for trolls but seems the other players have left, is the game still going?


Switched to Dr Bwaas game.

Password is: round3


I clicked the link but it just took me to the home page. Is the game already full?


No; maybe you got logged out?


Hey y’all I filled the last slot as goblins :slight_smile:

I did have to find it under “user games” though as opposed to the link… which also bounced me to the main page.


Sorry I missed it. Have fun!


It is currently living up to its namesake.