Need confirmation - ending of FA

I am in a turn-based game Neptuns Pride (8 hour time jumps).
What I learned in the forum seems to tell me:

Assuming at hour 0 the formal alliance is canceled.

  1. at hour 24 the players do not see trough the eyes of the alliance partner anymore
  2. at hour 25 fighting starts (not at hour 24)
  3. with ships in orbit, does fighting really start automatically? I had the feeling in an earlier game I have to trigger the fight e.g. by a 1-ship carrier arraiving

Can somebody confirm whether this what I think I learned is correct (and not outdated or something). Thank’s a lot.

Fighting started automatically.

  1. not 100% on this one, I think it happens right as the countdown ends.
  2. Use the countdown, you go to the old FA player and look where you would normally request a FA. It should have a countdown. But you are correct to time your carriers to leave the tic after the countdown completes as opposed to the tick before (if you are trying to gift them the planets and not have any ships there to fight when the FA ends)
  3. correct, it will just happen

I think the FA timing is more dependent on the game settings then the 24hour. So I believe the rules should say one cycle, not 24 hours (not 100% on that one though either).

I am rather new and still have to learn a lot. For example I didn’t new that the number left to events is the tick. Also because there were several war declarations I got things really mixed up.
I canceled what I said above, I don’t want to spread misleading infos.

So for others who will come across this post

  • fighting started at 25h after war declaration (automatically) (war dec. tick 368, fights tick 393)
  • we have a production cycle of 16h