Need help testing new account system

Hey folks.

I’ve been building a new account systems so that players don’t have to use Google or Facebook to login. I would love your help testing it.

I have created a test server that is not linked to the real game. You can tell you are on the test server because all the UI will be green.

Right now the green sandbox server is the same as the main game.

I would love you to create an account using the existing Google or Facebook tools and join a game or two.

Early next week I will apply an update to the sandbox. We need to make sure the existing accounts are not affected any way.

After that we can test making new accounts.

This is a fairly big change so I would really appreciate your help testing. Please reply here if you are able to help.


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Would love to help out.

Ok Folks, the new accounts system in now live on the sandbox.

There is currently an issue with the sandbox server where it cannot send email because billing was not enabled, but I have added a credit card and if all goes well it should send out emails again in an hour or two.

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the server or logging in and out.

Feel free to create some alts using the build in accounts if you want to test it out.


All seems to be working well.

(I’ve already read the FAQ, but it is quite reasonable and its importance warrants the automatic notification with a brief summary and link to the page.)

I created two accounts, one with the existing Google tool, and one with the built-in account generator. I joined games and tried various game functions.

The only odd things I noticed were that some of the in-game menus were displayed with the blue color theme, and when I attempted to click on the email verification link or access the page by copying over the URL I got a 404. Also, in the request for verification email I received, the ending quotation mark after the URL is missing.


  1. If you enter a random username or email it will say it doesn’t exist. If you enter an email for an existing account which is linked through google it shows the unknown error screen.
  2. The usual username<TAB>password<ENTER> doesn’t work.*

* Using to submit forms in the game doesn’t work either. Transferring fleets for example: 1234<ENTER>. The enter key should hit the default action. For confirmation prompts this should always be No. (Do you really want to destroy the warp gate you just built… I think I do, narf.)

I’ll help

I’m already helping.

In my last work I have created an OpenID based login besides the corporate Single Sign On. You could log in with the Single Sign On account and log in again with an OpenID account to link each other. You could link 2 OpenID accounts also.

It reduced users forgetting the Single Sign On password considerabily. It will be good if we could have something similar here to have more than one authentication mechanism per account.

What do you think?

Signed on for two games OK. Couldn’t sign on to premium game even though I am one a premium member in other system.

Thanks for helping test everybody. I was halfway through getting this all sorted out when all kinds of interruptions basically forced me to take most of the week off last week.

I hope to fix a few bugs over the weekend and deploy this to the main game site on monday.

@marison This might be a little tricky as I currently support Facebook, Google and Yahoo as three separate accounts. I wish I had thought about it when first implementing them a few months ago and I would have done some work to merge them together.

@leonardebaker The two games are not linked so your premium status will not be effected. Thanks for the support though!

@AnnanFay Thanks for the bugs. My form UI’s are a little wonky because of the way I construct them. They are not grouped in a form element with a submit button. I will try and improve in the coming weeks.

@Zaphod Thanks for the bugs. The URL in the email is hardcoded to the live server so this problem will go away when I merge the code over.


Thanks for replying. It could be a useful feature.

My first implementation was using Janrain:

That way you could have any of six providers for free, but they do not provide account linking.

I can’t find a way to make/change password , without actually going through logout, to login and then doing a password reset.

Am I being blind or just as intended? Guess it’s more secure with the password reset.


Should just be under your account details.

This button wont appear if I dont have a password for the account on file.

That makes sense then, didn’t have a password. my mistake :smiley: