Need help with 2 difficult to find bugs

Hey Folks, There are two rare bugs I could use some help with tracking down.

  1. Zombies and Living units moving past one another.

  2. Zombies that spawn from graves and ignore move compulsions to move away from the grave.

If you see either of these things in any of your games, please let me know right away and I will download the game to my local machine and try and debug this issue by stepping through the variables to see whats wrong.


OK, I think I have fixed but number 1.

On 1st of June I fixed a minor issue where the eta of a unit was broken right after a pin buff wore off. So for example in single player, you pin a zombie for 6 hours, jump ahead 6 hours, and when you click on the zombie the eta time was blank. (This happened for me all the time and is super annoying.)

I forgot to check if the zombie was in combat before recaultating thier move orders.

The end result was, if a pin buff ended within the 1 hour combat preparation time, the zombie would be ordered to move out of the combat and keep marching.

Sorry about this folks.

Still trying to track down number 2.

Also, this would explain the crash that took down the 12 player game a few nights ago.

Iā€™m keeping an eye out for #2 (and actively trying to engineer those situations where possible). Is there anything I can do other than just give you the game link right away to help you debug it if I find it?

Pause the game if you are the host of the MP game, or not jump a head in time if SP game would be good.

No. 2 happens when the grave is not on a node (intersection).