Neptune's Pride Tournement at PaxAus


Hey All,

I really want to run a turn based tournament of Neptune’s Pride over the PaxAus weekend. I’m crazy busy trying to get Blight ready so if there are any volunteers who are planning to come to Pax and would like help organise it I would love some help!

I would make sure there is a special prize for the organiser and would buy you a 3 day pass.



Did anyone ever take you up on this @JayKyburz?
I actually live in Melbourne and I was planning on going.


No, never did get it organised. Offer still stands!

Make sure to come and say hello and introduce yourself. I’m not convinced there will be many people at the show that will “get” my strange slow webgames.


Something something…kids these days…something…no respect


How would this work? When you say tournament I presume you don’t mean a knock out - that would last forever. I can’t even imagine a single game being completed in a weekend unless people are sitting there and doing very little else.


Game admin’s can force ticks, right?

Can you admin a game without playing in it?

Create game, add players, every 5 minutes force a turn to pass. Make it turn based with 8 ticks per turn, 24 ticks per production. Plentiful resources and 5 starting science to speed stuff up.

Hmm, it would be nice if there was a monthly tournament. That way the events could over time become more polished and potentially issues ironed out. There’s also no way to spectate. You really want to have an open view for people to watch, maybe increase scanning to level 16… or, nudge nudge Jay could increase starting scanning level to 100000000.

I’m in the wrong country, but sounds interesting.


I was thinking 30 minute turn deadline during office hours. 9 - 6 Say 16 turns a day. 8 hour jumps. That’s 3 days confrence x 16 tunes * 8 hours game time = 16 productions I think.

Players with the most stars wins. Would have to be a quick and bloodthirsty game!

Perhaps just 16 stars per players. Close player starts.