Neutral Units in long games?


Hiya guys, we have a good old knockdown drag out game going at day 18 and all the settlements are gone, just armies and mana pools left. The odd goblin unit/hero is spawning in one corner and wandering on to the map, is that a bug? Feature? Can we recruit them?

Im both intrigued and confused :smiley:

Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs

This has happened in some other games; as far as I know it’s not intended but Jay hasn’t fixed it either, so maybe it’s an easter egg after all haha.

They’ll make their way towards the nearest settlement, I believe. If a player already controls it they’ll join that player, otherwise they’ll join whoever captures the settlement.

If you post a link to the game it’ll help @JayKyburz look into the bug (if indeed it is a bug…)


I’ve got it logged. I’ll look into it soon. Its rare so kind of tricky to find.


hey @Noserenda Do you think these goblins are appearing when you used the Pirate Captain’s ability?


They might be actually, one of the other players has hinted as much :slight_smile: does he not need pop then? Or is that the bug? Will get game number when im at my computer!


Yes they do, as I reported so many time in the Bugs’ thread!
It happens with Elven Bard too, obviously when you don’t have settlements no more.


Thanks again