New 2 Player Map - Scallywags Duel

Please give it a playtest and let me know how it plays.

I wont challenge anybody to a game since I just made it and know where everything is.

(We might need a feature that shuffles the position of rare resources.)

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Just joined one that Jean created.

I do think Rare Resources should be shuffled, prevent people abusing favourite spots.

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Right, Jean is about to win after 12 turns and we only actually fired the first shots at each other on turn 10. I think perhaps the 2 player games needs a higher points threshold to win.

It was a nice game!
The map is funny to play: balanced resources , nice positions. You have to make a good start to be comptetitive, that’s for certain.
Abouth the match Greyham focused on an attacking ship, I prefered to expand my settlements.

I think that is part of the problem with the current setup, you could literally win without ever seeing the other player.

Map is very good. Loved the layout.

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Nice that you got through the game so quick.

Perhaps you should try for 120 points!

Another problem with 2 player games is that, once you are behind, it can be very difficult to climb back on top. There are no other allies you can team up with against the leader.

I will try and make a 3 player map tomorrow.

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