New 4 Player Map - 6 Races - Crossroads

4 player map with all 6 races. Test game here on Normal: Blight of the Immortals

Many travellers have stopped at the Crossroads, journeying between mountain and swamp, desert and forest. Some to make camp, others for a drink at the infamous Shell and Hammer, and a few for more nefarious reasons.

Have the Crossroads played some part in the loosing of the dead on our world? Perhaps not, but there are few who dare to stop there now.

This looks like a cool new map! Seems like the idea is (at least on harder difficulties) everyone ends up evacuating the borderlands and defending the Crossroads area together… fun stuff!

There’s a second game of this up on Hard: Blight of the Immortals

Password is “crossroads”.

Holy hell that filled up fast.