New Achievement - Average Stars Captured


I have been trying to come up with alternative, useful achievement scores and have a suggestion as follows.

The following standardizes the final star count for each player at the end of the game, converting it into a star count in an 8 player, 24 starting stars, 50% victory Basic Game.

To do this you you do the following
Divide final stars by number of players in game, times 8
Divide this by the number of starting stars, times 24
Divide this by victory percentage, times 50.

This new value is recorded for each player along with a count of the number of games played.

From this you can now display the average number of stars captured in every game played
and the average number of stars captured in all games where the player is not eliminated (average of all non zero games)
Each having a range of 0 to 80’ish


What is this stat for?


@Rosslessness, using the numbers alone you can see how good a player someone is, the higher the first figure the better the player.
A big difference between the two figures could be someone who throws in the towel quickly if they don’t find them selves in a top position in a game.

You could also use the figures to rank all NP2 players by listing them from highest to lowest score, using the games played count to order duplicates (highest first).


I play a game where I get 60+ stars, then I am attacked by everyone and finish the game with ten stars.

So, it looks like I’m a bad player, when I’ve actually been attacked by an organised team.

What would be better if the most stars claimed at any point in the game was used instead.


@Rosslessness I agree that would also be a useful statistic to capture as well


I’d also like to see average tech trades per game.


Football has a turnover ratio statistic.

A parallel for NP2 could be a Capital star gain loss index.

Base score would be 3 per game.
KO / AFK /Quit / Capital star Loss while actively playing scores -1
Capital Star Capture vs a live player scores +3
AI Star Capture scores +1

Higher score would indicate a combination of more games played through, and more capital stars captured , which should correlate to quality of play.