New achievement/leveling system

So i noticed the new Achievements section under the in-game player page, and i can’t find any posts or information about it. Could someone explain what these levels are, how they are earned, and what they affect? Do they have any function, or are they mostly badges of honour/bragging rights?

On a sidenote: we also have customizable banners now! A nice addition indeed!

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Yeah I saw this and I’m guessing that IronHelmet are going to make a post about it later today.

Also you could always customize banners. Not sure how it works now since I don’t use the feature, but you used to be able to change you banner for a game. I only used it when mine was very similar to another player.

Yes! Jay snuck this feature in a couple of days ago.

You gain experience for various things while playing, including combat, training/deploying, capturing towns, finishing a game, getting the most kills / bodies burned. Experience is awarded when a game is completed.

There are also a series of badges that you can earn, each of which corresponds to a boss. It will keep a count of how many of each boss you have despatched.

This system will continue to expand over time, with more badges and experience-earning opportunities.

It is largely for bragging, but it will also hook into game setup (i.e. being able to set level min/max requirements on a game or difficulty level).

Let us know what you think!

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I like it. But I’m wondering is this a Multiplayer only system or does Single Player effect this as well?

I always like to have more stats, so I like this tracking, even if it has no effect.

The achievements section has actually been there as long as I can remember, it was just always empty. The banner changing feature has also been there as long as I can remember and I use it in every game I am in. I decided upon a banner I like and I set my banner to that every game I join. I have been doing this at least since December, and I think before that even. (“As long as I can remember” usually doesn’t actually go back very far; my memories disappear or merge together after only a couple of weeks.)

Yep, works in SP too.

More shiny medals are always great to have, and having the individual games affect something in meta-space (for lack of a better word) often improves the enjoyability of a game. Even (or especially) when It’s something like an achievement system.

Didn’t know that the banner customization and achievements section already existed. I guess I just never scrolled down enough.

I just wish it would remember a default banner

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That would be nice to have. Kind of like a profile picture.

Coming soon I think. Not super high priority!