"New" AI, how to fight them?

I quitted just when the “new” AI was implemented in neptune’s pride. Now I wonder: what is the best method of fighting this ai?

I’m currently in the situation that right at the start my neighbours both quitted, leaving me enclaved by the AI.

In the past the AI always shared together all their research and basically “worked together” to a victory. So it was vital to quickly get as many good stars as possible, even if it meant going through Pyrrhic victories. This was possible since the AI would never actually attack you, so you didn’t have to keep any defense.

Now with the new AI they will attack you? What if they’re neutral? Should I still invade them directly - or is the diplomacy penalty too severe?

make friends with one AI by selling it tech if you can and attack the other. the AI will mostly counter attack the world you are attacking from. while trying to reinforce the world you are attacking. for me the best strategy is to get the AI to attack me at a place of my choosing so I get a defensive bonus and can counter attack a weaker opponent.

Note that if/when you are #1 on the leaderboard you will automatically lose reputation with the AI - it used to be an instant ENEMY (-1). Even if you pay them to be Neutral or friendly they will be instantly back to enemy next cycle. However, I’m sure I read Jay talking about having it reduce gradually per cycle, I’m not sure if that has actually been implemented or if I imagined it.