New AI interface

So, along with the new aggressive AI comes an interface so you can see and somewhat manage your relationship with the AI.

This is a work in progress and would love some feedback and suggestions about how to make it cooler.

Basically, all AI start out neutral towards everybody, but when you fight an AI at a star you lose a point of regard. When you send them a tech or cash, you earn a point of regard. When you have less than 0 regard the AI is attacking you.

Now, the AI keep track of this regard before they actually take over an AFK so that they know who they are allies with and who they are at war with as soon as they take over.

As soon as you launch an attack on an AI, their regard for your empire will drop to -1 regardless of how high it had become until that point.

In my local test games I have successfully “surrendered” to AI by throwing cash at them until we are allies, but keep in mind that any unresolved conflicts as a result of fleets on rout to combat will result in -1 regard, so you’ll need enough to goodwill banked otherwise the combat might result in you going to war again. (In one case I abandoned a star and ran away because I didn’t have the cash to pay for an additional point of regard )

Note. All games should show this interface, but the AI will only start attacking in games created since I uploaded the build a few minutes ago.

So, could I potentially “pay off” AI players to go attack my enemies? Because that would be awesome.

I’m guessing not, but some time down the road the AI could evaluate the regard level between its neighbors and attack the one with least regard.

Looking forward to trying this out!

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One thing I noticed while playing a test turn-based game with 3 AI’s…

The price to pay to get an AI on your side is different for each AI. Is it depending on proximity? Strength? What determines this?

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Also - typo in the text. Says “improve YOU relationship”. Should be “your”.

5 * total economy.

doh, thanks wilk fix now.

I think the interface is OK but I’d much rather that this information be conveyed via private messages between the AI and the player.

For example: you send technology to an AI player that you have a neutral relationship with. You get technology back and a message that says (first draft) “Greetings from the collective. The collective benefits from the receipt of your knowledge and has authorized a response in kind. Machine and flesh can exist in peace. End transmission.”

Or you send cash to try to improve your relationship with a hostile AI, but it isn’t enough. "Hostile species: your attempt to make peace has been evaluated and deemed a shallow ploy. Prepare to be assimilated. We are not without mercy. Your death will be swift and painless.

You send technology to an AI with a favorable outlook to you: Greetings, ally. Our processing power is at your disposal.

Ahh, yes, I would love to add this kind of flavor in the near future! This is just the first pass.

Should have read this before complaining in the other thread. ^^ Thanks Jay.

Though in one game I’m playing it isn’t active yet.

Good job, you did better than Paradox.

Isn’t there a risk of confusion between “Ally” and “Formal alliance” ? (I haven’t played any game with formal alliance enabled, but I had to check it was enable when I saw an AI was ‘Ally’ with me. Maybe “Friend” would be a better term ?)