New Blight Map


There is a new 2 player MP map called Dust.

It kicked my butt in both my test games. Does anybody want to help me take it down now that its live on the server?

Orcs and Humans with a few Elves around the edges. password is “pass”


Can you make a few of these? I’d love to give you a go, but I’m stuck at work at the mo.


Nobody has joined yet so no rush.

Anybody can make one, its available to choose on the create game screen.


Was I too late?


EDIT2: Try joining this, might work. (the link also may not work or throw errors, I have no idea.)

EDIT: Okay, it seems like only premium players can create games and premium doesn’t exist yet for Blight (AFAIK). The new game type doesn’t show up next to the the default ones. So right now there’s no way to try it out?

To try it out:

  1. Go here, scroll to the bottom and see if someone has created a Dust game. If so join it.
  2. Otherwise, go here and create a new instance of the map. Select “Dust - 2 Player” from the dropdown.


Hey Annan, how did you make that game. Am I not checking for premium yet on create game?

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