New Deck Building Screen

Later today I’m going to release a version with a new wide interface deck building screen.

Some players were having trouble finding the start game button on small screens where you had to scroll to see it. I hope this will help.

On PC’s you can now drag and drop from one side to the other!

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If we are allowed to use up to 12 types of card are you setting a limit allowed in each box
Max of 6 per box for example, if you want more the 6 then use 2 boxes

You could already take 12 types of cards before. The second row didn’t pop up until you had filled up the first though.

Interesting idea about using extra slots if you want lots of one type of card though.

We have been thinking a bit more about limiting the cards. Right now You can make your deck as big as you like, but we are considering a system for tournaments where you can not take more than 4 of any 1 card, but not having a limit to the kinds of cards. We would also remove the mandatory cards.

You would also have a minimum deck size, 40-60 cards or so.

I would really like the option of removing the mandatory cards; it’s good for new players, but for older players, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck with (for example) a handful of Tacticians.

Yep, this is a popular request! Perhaps we could make this the default for hard and nightmare modes.