New Feature: Gifting Settlements

You can now spend 1 Valour to give a settlements to another player.

Should land in the build some time tomorrow.


Cool! How does this interact with deployment timers?

Cool feature!

Does not effect them.

Also, if you start training a unit and give the settlement away, the new players will get the army when created.

This is great. I think this will create a good way for players to get involved on different parts of the map and promote more interaction.1

Strongly in favor. :slight_smile:

I really like the idea, especially in the mid game if a player is nearly knocked out from a tough break and really can’t be that active.

I do raise one concern though.
This could potentially encourage different races around the map to instead just build a universal idealized deck of the most efficient/strongest cards from each race, because they can be gifted and hired then passed on.

Feature, not a bug?

I think it is a good point. It makes a ton of sense for cases like “you’ve killed all the zombies in your part of the map so let me give you a city so you can drop some troops and help me”. But like sharing resources it could be used much more widely and really change the game from “we’re each largely responsible for our own areas” to “we each have cities in several parts of the map”. I’m not sure if this is a bad thing, it definitely encourages more interaction but I wonder if it makes interaction too easy. I don’t have to see you need help and try to move armies or give resources to assist you. You just give me a city and I start dropping in a card and training a unit every six hours. I think it is definitely worth testing. Maybe the cost should be slightly higher, like you have to pay the city’s Valour cost again or something?

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Yep, if weird stuff starts to happen then I agree we can increase the cost again. I think paying the valour cost again is not unreasonable.

This feature is live now.


Cool! I do wish there was a confirmation dialog or something when you click the button. I’ve already nearly pressed it by accident a couple of times (probably too used to just clicking any button with the Valour symbol on it if it’s enabled). A note in the Event Log would be good as well.