New Feature


It was not on the list, but I didn’t feel like doing real work this arvo. Dont be mad at me!

If you are lucky enough to have a middle click on your mouse, middle clicking on a star while composing a message will embed a code that will turn into the players name and shape when read.

Middle clicking on a star will bring up the owning player’s empire screen.

Now back to some real work.


HEY … that works pretty well … I especially like it in the messages … and no name collision with star/fleet names since those must be at least three characters and can’t be just numbers - nice job Jay!   :wink:


Today I realized that clicking on the avatar creates the same code. Don’t know if this is new also, but anyway it is a great feature!



Stop being so aussie m8


This is great!
Although I’ve noticed that in the notification emails it only shows [[2]] instead of the players name. Not sure if that’s easy to fix.


Oh crap, I forgot about the notification emails.


I find better the Alias showing together with the symbol as a link. Disliked the Alias showing separated.