New game designed for small, tactical gameplay


There’s some strange rules in here. I have no real idea how the game will go - come find out with me!


Stars: 50%
Alliances: No
Anon: Normal
Turn Based: No
Pay: Double
Players: Premium Only

Warp Gates: Expensive
Random Gates: Rare
Dark: Start Only

Stars Per Player: 8, Very Small
Home Star Distance: Close
Resources: Sparse
Starting Stars: 2
Credits: $1000
Ships: 10

Economy: Expensive
Industry: Cheap
Science: Expensive

Trade: $50/Level
Trade Scanned: Yes

Banking: Normal, 3
Exp: Very Expensive, 3
Hyper: Expensive, 3
Manu: Crazy Expensive, 1
Scanning: Cheap, 2
Weapons: None, 2
Terra: Normal, 1


I’m in.


Changed player size, new link:


One spot left - it’s shaping up to be a battle of the titans.


Yeah, let’s get this started tonight!


I like the description.

I’m in.

edit: omg talk about hard decision at the start.


Sorry, I had to suspend one of the players already in this game. They had a suspect name, then I went and read a bunch of their messages in other games.


Hey man he’s my neighbor you’ll get no complaints from me :stuck_out_tongue: