New game options for Team games


##1) Tech trade only within alliance
That’s a must have for team games.

##2) Locked teams
Only admin of the game would be able to erase one’s allegiance.
When the teams are set to locked, the alliance fee could be zero.

  1. YES to this.

  2. YES to this.


Awww yiss.

  1. the formal alliance could even be already enabled at the start of the game.

What we need is some team game specific set up steps added…
The creator of the game needs to be able to determine how many teams and to decide if team members are grouped together or randomly scattered and set up other things like 1&2 above. Then invite team captains into the game.
Team captains would then assign a team name and invite players to join their team using a team specific URL (and password)


Another thing I would like to see if the changes I mention above are made is to include the team names in the messaging system to allow for quick creation of messages to the whole team.

Maybe even only allowing player to player messaging within each team and when you message another team all those in your team are automatically included in the message.


Yeah, the more I think about it the more work there is in teams games. I might have to do first pass, then do some more advanced stuff latter.


Expanding on my suggestion above,
At game creation it would be decided if the team members used the same symbol or the same colour (or this could be a universal setting for all games)
Team captains would then choose their teams colour/symbol.


Another suggestion…
Different costs for trading with team members and non team members.