New game start show stars in jump range not just scan range


As the title says - when joining a game show people stars in jump range, not just scan range. With only stars in scan range they cant properly pre-load their moves for the start of the game and are a significant disadvantage if the game starts at an inconvenient hour.

Just playing a game now where I thought I only had one way out from my start. Loaded all my moves then when I came back in the morning after the game started all my ships were charging in the wrong direction and 3 more routes out were visible on the opposite side.


NP2 games are either dark or bright or dark start.
Scanning tech overcomes the darkness.

Showing stars outside of scan range in a dark start game while waiting for the game to start could be a nice feature request. More code would need to be written for this special one-time circumstance, and Jay would make the decision on whether to implement this feature request.